The Jefferson Music Department hosts a wide variety of musical opportunities for its students, including four concert bands, two jazz ensembles, marching band, two orchestras, three choirs, three levels of guitar, two levels of Garage Band (Apple), a piano lab, and a songwriters workshop.

As a means to provide each student with the opportunity to develop their musical potential to its fullest, the Jefferson Band Program adopts a comprehensive approach to music education, which includes a well-balanced curriculum of large ensemble and chamber performances, solo performances, studies in music theory (including an AP track), cultural and historical perspectives, and the continuous evaluation of progress.

The Jefferson Bands maintain a long tradition of performance travel and have toured internationally on an every-other-year basis since the school's inception in 1970. The Jefferson concert bands have toured Japan, Spain, Norway, Africa, England, Scotland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Canada, The Dominican Republic, Italy, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. In the spring of 2018, the Wind Ensemble will return to Ireland for a second time.