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Dictionary of Terms

Have you ever been caught having NO IDEA what is being said by fellow band friends? To save you from those embarrassing moments, we are providing you essential definitions on some of the most commonly used lingo!

JBBC               Jefferson Band Booster Club
JMB                 Jaguar Marching Band
6-10's               Marching band rehearsals that are from 6:00-10:00 p.m. beginning some time in the middle of August
UNI's                 A student group responsible for distributing and maintaining uniforms.
Spats                A white piece of the marching band uniform that covers the shoes.
Dinkles            The required shoes for marching band.
PM's                  A student group responsible for property management.
Lib's                  Music librarians. A student group responsible for music.
FOB's                Friends of the Band. Alumni, relatives, and friends who make financial contributions to the band program.
Indoors             Final marching band indoor concert series at the end of the season.
Juries               Performance "tests" played towards the end of each trimester.
On the Hill        The location of marching band rehearsals on the practice field behind Olson Middle School - don't look for an actual hill.
Overlay            The mostly white front of the marching band uniform - the front pocket is also used to stash candy, gloves, etc..
Rank Night       A night during 6-10s where ranks dress up in matching costumes.
Flip Folder       Holds your music for marching rehearsals.
Lyre                  Holds flip folder either on the instrument or somewhere else.
Inspection       Line up by rank before leaving for the field. Mr. Fretland, Mr. Levine, and the Drum Major inspect the entire uniform for each band member.
Bloomington Stadium (AKA Lincoln Stadium)       The football team's home field where we perform our pregame and halftime shows. It is located at the intersection of Penn Ave and 90th St., behind Penn Lake Library and the Holiday gas station.