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How to Pass Inspection: A Guide

Dinkles/Marching Shoes:

  • Make sure they’re tied securely- double knots are advised!
  • Optional: shine your Dinkles with Vaseline


  • The black strap goes under your shoes
  • The snaps/velcro goes on the outside of your ankles
  • If necessary, clean your spats with toothpaste or a paste of baking soda and water


  • Must be black and go up to your knees- no exposed skin!


  • Must be hemmed to 6” above the ground (make sure you wear your Dinkles/marching shoes when you measure)
  • DO NOT CUT, TAPE, GLUE or STAPLE THE BIBBERS!!  Please hem by hand- no sewing machines!


  • Make sure your jacket is fully zipped and snapped
  • Close the collar clasp too!


  • Make sure everything is securely buttoned down
  • The overlay should be nice and straight on your shoulders
  • Tip: If you’re carrying your phone in your overlay pocket, make sure it’s OFF.  Even if it’s on silent or vibrate, the screen will still light up and be visible through the overlay.


  • Make sure they’re clean
  • If you play flute or clarinet, don’t forget to cut the fingers! (if you’re not sure how, ask a Uni or your section leader for help)


  • Should sit straight on your head
  • Put two fingers along the bridge of your nose and pull your hat down until it touches your fingers (veteran members will help you if you’re not sure how to do this!)


  • Wave it in the air like you just don’t care (it helps make the plume fluffier and pretty)
  • Hold the plume only by the metal base and push it into the front of your hat
  • Make sure it’s straight!


  • White, black or navy blue only
  • It’s NOT OKAY to hide bright colors during inspection and then wear them on the field

How to Pass Inspection: Gender-Specific Things:


  • Hair must be out of your face and up off your overlay. Braids and buns are highly recommended.  Make sure the J in “Jefferson” on the back your overlay is visible.  Mr. Fretland and Mr. Levine also don’t like to see “whispies” around your face, so use clips and bobby pins!
  • Use hair binders/clips that match your hair (black, white or navy blue are fine too)
  • Don’t wear jewelry or watches (SMALL silver, gold, black or white studs are okay, but check with Mr. Fretland)
    • It’s NOT OKAY to hide your jewelry under your uniform- it needs to be OFF
    • If you have multiple piercings, you may only wear ONE set of earrings
    • If you have a MedicAlert bracelet, please leave it on!  You won’t get in trouble.
  • Wear only natural makeup and nail polish- no red lips, smoky eyes or non-natural nails


  • No facial hair (unless it’s neatly trimmed and YOU’VE GOTTEN IT APPROVED BY MR. FRETLAND OR MR. LEVINE)
  • If you have long hair, don’t forget your hair net!! (Rule of thumb- if your bangs cover your eyes, you need a hair net)
  • No jewelry, piercings, necklaces, watches, etc.
    • If you have a MedicAlert bracelet, please leave it on!  You won’t get in trouble.

Please take inspection seriously!  In the past, there has been a lot of “cheating.”  Remember that it’s not okay to hide things during inspection or change things after you’ve passed (i.e. hiding nail polish, putting jewelry back on, etc.)  While all of these rules may seem overwhelming, your cooperation will make us look really sharp on the field.  Let’s go band!