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Hey Bandies!  Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about uniform handout already.  Please see the Calendar of Events page for the schedule.

If you absolutely cannot come on your assigned day, please inform Nicole Boller, or Mrs. Gauper.  The makeup day is Fri., Aug. 19 from 1-4 PM.

Dinkles (marching shoes) will be ordered at uniform handout on Aug. 15, 17, and 19. If these times do not work for you, please let us know ASAP. Please bring a check for $36 (payable to JBBC) to pay for your Dinkles.  Please see the Dinkles page for more information.

Band polos will be available at uniform handout if you do not already have one (these are required and can be reused each year).

Please wear appropriate and comfortable underclothes to handout (athletic shorts and t-shirt).  Bring a sturdy hanger or two and a garment bag if you have one. See you there!

General Uniform Information

There are a few parts of the uniform that each marcher must provide for him - or herself.  They are listed below.

Formal Uniform:

  • Knee-high black socks that won’t fall down while marching. Nylons are also fine!
  • Girls must keep their hair back with black/natural-colored hair binders and clips.
  • Boys with long hair must wear hairnets (see a UNI for more info).

Parade Uniform:

  • Knee-length khaki shorts that are comfortable to march in. Look now- they’re hard to find!
  • Comfortable, clean tennis shoes in good condition (not Converse, not fluorescent).
  • Brown belt.
  • Brown or black sunglasses (optional, but highly recommended)

Don’t forget to hem your pants before Kickoff (August 25) - they must be six (6) inches off the ground with your marching shoes on.  DO NOT CUT your pants! Remember - use a needle and thread ONLY.  NO staples or tape!

Wearing these uniforms is an honor.  Please take it seriously and show respect to your uniform - it is literally irreplaceable!

If you or your parent(s) have any questions, please contact either the Head UNIs or Mrs. Gauper - contact info is listed below.  Have a great year!

-The UNIs

Nicole Boller:  952-465-2592                            Mrs. Gauper:  952-806-7759 (band office)        Emily Wheeler:  952-857-9003