The Jefferson Band Booster Club offers two types of fundraising, General Fundraisers and Escrow (Individual) Fundraising Opportunities.  We appreciate all your help with and support of these programs.

JBBC General Fundraising
The Jefferson Band Booster Club has several General Fundraisers which support the operating budget of the booster club and many extra opportunities for our band students. We have General Fundraisers with Shutterfly, our Dining for Dollar's ProgramBandcake Breakfast, the United Way, and some companies will donate to an organization where you volunteer.  Please direct all questions, suggestions, or other thoughts about general fundraising to Heidi Niziolek at

JBBC Escrow (Individual) Fundraising Opportunities
Please note that all funds earned from a fundraiser for an individual band or flag member are paid into that student's escrow account. Membership in JBBC is required for students to use individual escrow funds for their own benefit. (Click here for JBBC Membership Information.) All escrow accounts are managed by Mrs. Gauper and account balances are updated monthly, if not more frequently. Funds in the escrow accounts can be used to make trip payments, pay for uniform and/or instrument rental fees, or any other "music" related fees. Questions regarding a student's escrow account should be directed to Mrs. Gauper at 952-806-7759 or

There will be a designated spot in Mrs. Gauper's office where fundraising related items can be both picked up and dropped off.

Please direct all offers to volunteer or questions, suggestions, or other thoughts about escrow fundraising to Shimin Yang at or Sonia George at

Fall 2017 (September - November)
 FundraiserType * Contact PersonContact Information
 Gerten's Holiday Greens and
Escrow Jeri Wheeler
 Sonia George
 ButterBraidEscrow Jeri Wheeler
 Sonia George
 Droolin' MooseEscrow Ann Rinnman
 Gourmet Parlor PizzaEscrow Shimin Yang
 Eileen’s Colossal CookiesEscrow Kristy Lundgren

Winter 2018 (January-Feb)    Save the Date:  Jan. 27, 2018
 FundraiserType * Contact PersonContact Information

Dana Richtzigel
Rebekah Cole
Jan Orcutt
 Edible Arrangements Escrow Shimin Yang

Spring 2017 (March - May)
 FundraiserType * Contact PersonContact Information
 Gerten's Spring Flower SalesEscrow Jeri Wheeler
 Sonia George
 ButterBraidEscrow Jeri Wheeler
 Sonia George
 Gourmet Parlor PizzaEscrow Shimin Yang

All Year 2017-2018 (September - May)
 FundraiserType * Contact PersonContact Information
 Achieving DreamsEscrow Shimin Yang
 Scrips ProgramEscrow Jason & Barb Sorensen
 Dining for DollarsGeneral Kris Pierskalla
 ShutterflyGeneral Kris Pierskalla
 United Way General work employer work-related campaigns and
 matching options.

* Type of fundraisers:
 - Escrow/Individual fundraisers pay money into a specific student's escrow account. The amount earned is directly dependent on the sales earned or the amount of work done by the student.
- General fundraisers benefit the band and flag programs as a whole; no individual earns escrow funds at these fundraisers.

** Typically there are no scrips sales in June and July.

Miscellaneous Information about JBBC Escrow (Individual) Fundraising Opportunities:
- Candy bar sales are only done in years that the marching band is traveling.