Gerten’s Spring Flower and Plant Fundraiser

An opportunity for Band and Flag Students to earn money for escrow accounts!

During prior sales, 9 students each earned between $125 – $400 for their escrow account!

Just when you desperately need to see some flowers, Gerten’s offers flag and band members a chance to sell a select offerings of hanging baskets and plants. Students earn a percentage of their sales total for their escrow accounts and are responsible for the delivery of products sold. Students will sell different varieties of plants and flowers. Escrow amounts vary.

Order forms for the Spring Flower and Plant Fundraiser will be available on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020.

Order forms are due on March 16, 2020. Checks made out to JBBC. It is very important for students to tally the total field column at the far right and the bottom of the order forms and ensure that the money equals the total of the sales. Also note the dollar delivery fee for each order. Students should turn in the Gerten’s Summary Sheet and keep a copy of the the Gerten’s Customer Order Sheet for their delivery records.

Plants will be available for students to deliver to their customers on May 2nd. Depending on the Gerten’s morning delivery time, orders will be available for before noon, though this time could change.

Contact: [email protected]