JBBC RaiseRight Program

The RaiseRight Fundraising program is a fundraising opportunity where you earn a percent of each gift card purchased. The amount that goes to escrow varies by gift card and is between 2%-16% or more per card. This is a popular fundraiser because families don’t have to sell anything. Band families make purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with RaiseRight.

How does it work?


For escrow fundraising, families need to be members of the JBBC to participate, so please pay your membership first. Your other family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents) can also have a RaiseRight account to put money towards your student’s escrow account as long as you are a JBBC member. JBBC Membership is NOT required for general fundraising.

Families register at the RaiseRight site.

    • Go to www.raiseright.com and click on “Join A Program” in the upper right-hand corner. This will ask you for the enrollment code and it will take you to the “Family Registration” page.
    • Simply fill in the required fields and accept the terms and conditions of the site.
    • Under the “Who are you earning for?” section, be sure to add the student’s first and last name for escrow fundraising, or add JBBC for general fundraising.
    • To place an order, log in and shop right from your family home page.

Please email: scrip@jeffersonbandboosterclub.com for the enrollment code. We cannot publish it due to fake accounts trying to use the code.


  • E-cards: delivered directly to your RaiseRight account almost immediately (also emailed to you within minutes). You can buy while shopping in the store and pull up the e-card from your RaiseRight app moments later.
    • Example: find a pair of shoes at Nike while you are in the store, pull up the RaiseRight app and buy the Nike e-gift card for the amount you want. Wait for the order to process and bingo! You can now pay using your e-card from RaiseRight.
  • Traditional Plastic Gift Cards:

JBBC program accomodates “Ship to Home Eligible” gift cards. Please do not place plastic card orders to shop to coordinator, as we will not be able to accomodate.

    • Ship to Home Eligible: Cards noted as “Ship to Home Eligible” will ship to your home or other designated addresses at check out. Only available to orders placed in the app and paid for using your linked bank account.
    • Reloadable Gift Cards: add funds to a previously purchased plastic RaiseRight gift card. Refills show up typically within a couple of minutes, so you can do this while waiting in line as well.


  • PrestoPay enables you to set up a payment method directly with your bank. Make sure to sign up for PrestoPay by clicking the “PrestoPay” option any time after you have created your family account. Using PrestoPay is easy and convenient. No additional fee beyond the $0.29 PrestoPay transaction fee per order.
  • Credit Card: Payments can also be made using a credit card but there is a 2.6% fee each time you use it.
  • We do not accept checks for payment.


The JBBC receives payment from RaiseRight monthly, and the percent per card will be transferred directly to your student’s escrow account. RaiseRight will tell you with every order how much you are earning.

RaiseRight Logo


Feel free to contact the JBBC RaiseRight Coordinator Terri Wiesner at scrip@jeffersonbandboosterclub.com