World’s Finest Chocolate

Cases of World’s Finest Chocolate contain 60 bars with 6 flavors: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Crunch, Almond and Wafer. Students sell the bars for $1 each. Each case costs $36 and an earning of $24 will be applied towards the student’s escrow account once the student sells all the bars. A $60 per box prepayment by check (written to the JBBC) is required.

Preordered cases can be available for pick up in the band office, JBBC meeting on Tuesday, May 7th or at the Spring Band Concert on Thursday, May 9th.

Tips for selling:

    • Students typically bring the chocolate with them to school and sell to classmates.
    • Take out whatever money you have each evening and keep in a safe place to avoid loss, but keep some $1.00s to make change.

Candy bar sales are only done in years that the marching band is traveling.